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Levente Company

Natural stone from Vistea

The Levente company has 2 own quarries accredited and legally approved by the Ministry of the Environment.



The company holds the following ISO Certificates:

- SR EN ISO 9001: 2008
- SR EN ISO 14001: 2005
- SR OHSAS 18001: 2008
- ASR 8000

The company extracts and processes Stone down to the finished product: sculptures, massive columns, capitols, and industrial products: steps, window sills, flooring, finishing for horizontal and vertical, plinth decoration, pavment etc.

The company owns modern stone processing and finishing equipment. Within the company works the sculpture and artwork department.

The Vistea brand  has been famous since communist times - at the House of the People (The Palace of the Parliament), Vistea stone was used for exterior cladding and sculptures.

The Levente Company is located in Transylvania (Viștea) and is managed by personnel specialized in the exploitation and processing of stone, a job handed down from generation to generation.

Sculptură - piatră de Viștea - o arcadă pentru ușa de intrare.

Vistea Stone

SC Levente Companie SRL was established in 2003, with the aim of preserving the traditions inherited from generation to generation, over hundreds of years, of carvers in natural stone from Vistea.

Levente Co. invested in both people and material endowments. Dozens of employees: stone carvers, sculptors and restorers work at Levente Company, the company that has the complete stone processing technology, from extraction, to processing and carving.

Levente Company customers also benefit from installation, home delivery and maintenance services, regardless of the beneficiary's place of residence.

The quality of the constructions and the beauty of the decorations in Vistea stone was prized by famous architects from past centuries and is recommended, today, by the most famous architects in the country.

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